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January 29, 2009 / andreasterzuk


ONTD stands for On no they didn’t. It’s a member-moderated LiveJournal community where members discuss, in fairly gossipy ways, aspects of popular culture like celebrities, film, television and music. I’m a member of LiveJournal but have not yet requested to join ONTD although I visit several times a day.  These daily visits without interaction mean that I’m what you call a “lurker.” What I find most interesting about ONTD is the range of semiotic systems (writing, gifs, icons, videos, music…) that members use in integrated ways in order to accomplish their communication goals around celebrity gossip. You can also find interesting examples of online culture such as the use of memes.  I could pretend that I’m only interested in ONTD members’ literacy practices but this would be a lie as the truth is that I also have a sincere fondness for celebrity news. And now I will go watch my recording of The City.

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