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February 16, 2009 / andreasterzuk

Listservs are the coffee row of my academic life

I belong to a few academic listservs.  Much like “coffee row” in my home town, listservs seem to function as way to catch up on news and find out where everyone stands on issues.  Most recently, my email inbox has been filled by response to a literacy initiative called the “National Strategy for Early Literacy” being developed by the Canadian Language and Learning Research Network (CLLRNet).  Most of these emails have come from other members of Language and Literacies Researchers of Canada (LLRC) but I’ve received a few messages about this topic from other colleagues and students.  Personally, I’m somewhat leery of CLLRNet’s approach to literacy which seems, in my opinion, to be grounded in fairly traditional and positivistic views of literacy.  You can form your own opinion, though, because my academic coffee row has now expanded to invite discussion from the blogosphere.  Follow the conversation about CLLRNet’s literacy initiative at this blog.

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