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July 13, 2009 / andreasterzuk

TESOL/Second Language Education/TEAL Courses at the University of Regina

Due to changing demographics in many Saskatchewan schools (largely due to the introduction of a federal/ provincial immigration agreement in 2005 which led to significantly higher numbers of students for whom English is a second or additional language), I regularly receive emails and phone calls from teachers/students looking for information about courses in second language education.  I decided that I would write this blog entry in hopes that people find this information if they google University of Regina, EAL, TESOL, ESL…

So, in Fall 2009, I’m teaching one graduate course called EC&I 858 – Second Language Acquisition – which looks at current theories in second language learning.  I’m also teaching one undergraduate course called ELNG 205 –  Language and Literacy Development – which also addresses issues related to second language learning.

We are in the middle of creating a graduate certificate in TESOL.  I’ll post more information about this program when things become more formalized.

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