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July 28, 2009 / andreasterzuk

The Bermuda Triangle Ate my Camera

My brother lives in Bermuda and I go to visit him when I can.  This past June, I was there for a couple weeks and had a chance to go out on one of my friend’s boats during the final parade of the Tall Ships festival.  I was at the front of the boat (stern? bow? I’m from Saskatchewan…) when we decided to leave and head back closer to shore.  On our way back, things were quite choppy and I lost my camera (and all my photos of the tall ships) over the side of the boat (I have no idea if the Bermuda triangle had anything to do with this but it sounds better than “my camera slid out from under my thigh during a big bump”)

So now my camera is at the bottom of the Atlantic.  What I’ve realized in the month and half that I’ve been without it is how much I have come to rely on my digital camera not just as a way to document my experiences but also as a way of communicating with my friends. I can’t count how many times this month I thought things like “Oh, I have to send that to…” or “She needs to see this…”

I’ve also realized I could be using my cell phone camera in a similar fashion but I seem to resist taking these photos because of the poor quality of the images that it produces.  In any case, I think what I’ve come to understand is a) print text (emails, texts, wall posts),  audio (phone calls), and video (Skype) don’t quite cut it in terms of how I interact with my friends and b) I’m likely going to make the move to an iPhone.

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