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March 29, 2010 / andreasterzuk

Recruiting Research Participants

I’m currently recruiting international students at the University of Regina for a research study I am conducting.  If you meet the following criteria then I would like to talk to you:

  • You’re an international student in the faculties of Engineering, Business Administration, Education, and Arts currently enrolled in courses at the University of Regina; and
  • English is your second language or if your English is sometimes considered “non-native” by English speakers in Saskatchewan even though you consider yourself a “native-speaker” of English

The study investigates the experiences of international students at the University of Regina with a particular focus on the areas of language, communication, and interaction.  I would like to know more about your experiences with language in your classes, residences, and in accessing University of Regina services (for example: your experiences in making yourself understood; written English requirements; vocabulary; attitudes toward accent; assignments and marking; reading requirements; interaction with students and employees at the university; access to tutoring; and anything else not mentioned here that you feel is relevant).

Your involvement in the study would involve meeting with me, Dr. Sterzuk, for approximately one hour for an interview. In exchange, you would receive an honorarium of $20 (in the form of a gift certificate). Participation in this study is completely voluntary and will involve an interview taking about one hour of your time at your convenience. The study has been approved by the University of Regina Ethics Board and is funded by a President’s Fund research grant.

If you are interested in being interviewed (for about one hour) or if you have any question about this study please contact Andrea Sterzuk by telephone at 585.5607 or by email at

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