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February 15, 2011 / andreasterzuk


On February 11, I gave a keynote presentation to directors of Canada’s Explore program.  Their annual meeting was  held in Regina, the city where I live.  Explore is a Canadian educational program which allows young adults to improve their language skills in either French or English, Canada’s official languages, through a five-week immersion program. This program began 40 years ago, just a couple years after Canada introduced its Official Languages Act. The meeting’s theme this year was “40th anniversary of the Explore Program : 40 years of excellence in making bilingualism a reality. / 40e anniversaire du programme Explore: 40 ans d’excellence dans la promotion du bilinguisme.” The Council of Ministers of Education, (CMEC), who were the conference organizers, asked that I address the impact of factors like linguistic and cultural diversity on official-language learning in Canada. Some of those in attendance at my talk asked that I make the presentation available  so I’m posting my Powerpoint and speaking notes here:  Talking Notes_Sterzuk_  Explore Keynote_Sterzuk_Explore

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