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August 29, 2016 / andreasterzuk

Back to school

The new fall semester is starting up for me today. Classes don’t begin until next week but I have some formal faculty activities today so it feels like it’s the start. It’s also the start of the new school year for the 4th year students in the Faculty of Education where I work. They will be spending the next four months interning in elementary and secondary schools as part of their degree requirements. To orient the students and their cooperating teachers to this experience, the Professional Development & Field Experiences Office in my faculty offers several internship seminars. Last week, I gave a talk on the topic of fostering effective and socially-just classroom communication in future teachers at the first internship seminar. I’ve created a series of Youtube clips from my presentation that you can view on my channel here.


Photo credit: Shuana Niessen, Faculty of Education

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