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Graduate Students

Note: I am not accepting any new graduate students for the 2023/2024 academic year.

PhD Thesis Supervision

  1. TAMMY RATT (PhD in progress)
  2. STEPHEN DAVIS (PhD in progress)
  3. SIMONE HENGEN (PhD in progress)
  4. LUCRÉCIA FUHRMANN (PhD in progress)
  5. LEONOR DAUZÓN LEDESMA (PhD in progress, co-supervision with Dr. Jesús Izquierdo)
  6. NOELA SALAZAR-CROWE (PhD in progress, co-supervision with Dr. Angela McGinnis )
  7. RAYMOND KARIKARI OWUSU (PhD, 2022): “Chew and Pour” learning strategy: A co-participant’s account in a collaborative narrative research to examine learning challenges
  8. RUBINA KHANAM (PhD, 2020): Language policy in postcolonial Bangladesh
  9. NEEDAL YASIN GHADI (PhD, 2020): Language learning and social identity development: A narrative study of Syrian refugees in Canada
  10. MICHELLE BELISLE (PhD, 2012):  Maintaining the “achievement gap”:  How the discourses of wide-scale assessments marginalize students and preserve the educational status quo (co-supervised with M. Cherland)

MEd Thesis Supervision

  1. TRESLEY TOUROND-BOUVIER (MEd, in progress)
  2. MELISSA ARCARI (MEd, in progress)
  3. NATALYA FILIPPOVA (MEd, 2022). Paradigm shifts and English language learning: A study of LINC student experiences of PBLA
  4. DENISE RUNNS (MEd, 2021): Baby and his Wah Wah: Language revitalization through lived experiences
  5. WILLIAM COOK (MEd, 2021): Indigenous language revitalization: Connecting Cree language learners with Cree language speakers using online synchronous video chat technology
  6. KARI KRUG (MEd, 2020): An action research study of cross-cultural collaborations between Muslim and Non-Muslim teachers in an Islamic School
  7. KALI BORTIS (MEd, 2018): Maintaining the undercurrent from within: White settler teacher identities in Saskatchewan Schools.
  8. RAYMOND KARIKARI OWUSU (MEd, 2017). English-only language policy in a multilingual society: The case of two schools in Ghana.
  9. JENNIFER BURTON (MEd, 2016): South Korean university students’ perceptions of classroom communication in Canada
  10. RICARDO ARISNABARRETA (MEd, 2015): The hidden price: Lived experiences of ESL Latino students in a Canadian university
  11. TRUDY THORSON  (MEd, 2015): EAL and content teachers collaborating to support the academic success of English language learners in a Saskatchewan secondary school
  12. HONNI LIZEE (MEd, 2014): Is English really necessary in French immersion classrooms: A case study
  13. KATERINA NAKUTNYY (MEd, 2013): Sociocultural literacy practices of a Sudanese mother and son in Canada
  14. CINDY NELSON (MEd, 2013): A description of monolingual English teachers’ appreciations of student language repertoires in Hutterian colony schools
  15. NICOLE THEAKER (MEd, 2013): On being an ESL teacher in Saskatchewan: Exploring professional identity using metaphor analysis
  16. CYNTHIA PENNER (MEd, 2013): First languages and identity: multilingual learners in the multilingual learning context
  17. ANNA VON STADEN (MEd, 2012). The « un-frenching » of French-Canadians: Histoires des Fransaskoises en situation linguistique minoritaire
  18. D’ARCY BRISCHUK (MEd, 2012): L’emploi de la langue majoritaire par une enseignante en immersion française : Une autoethnographie.


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