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Graduate Students

PhD Thesis Supervision

  1. STEPHEN DAVIS (PhD in progress)
  2. SIMONE HENGEN (PhD in progress)
  3. LUCRÉCIA FUHRMANN (PhD in progress)
  4. NOELA SALAZAR-CROWE (PhD in progress, co-supervision with Dr. Angela McGinnis )
  5. RAYMOND KARIKARI OWUSU (PhD in progress)
  6. RUBINA KHANAM (PhD, 2020): Language policy in postcolonial Bangladesh
  7. NEEDAL YASIN GHADI (PhD, 2020): Language learning and social identity development: A narrative study of Syrian refugees in Canada
  8. MICHELLE BELISLE (PhD, 2012):  Maintaining the “achievement gap”:  How the discourses of wide-scale assessments marginalize students and preserve the educational status quo (co-supervised with M. Cherland)

MEd Thesis Supervision

  1. NATALYA FILIPPOVA (MEd in progress)
  2. DENISE RUNNS (MEd, 2021): Baby and his wah wah: Language revitalization through lived experiences
  3. WILLIAM COOK (MEd, 2021): Indigenous language revitalization: Connecting Cree language learners with Cree language speakers using online synchronous video chat technology
  4. KARI KRUG (MEd, 2020): An action research study of cross-cultural collaborations between Muslim and Non-Muslim teachers in an Islamic School
  5. KALI BORTIS (MEd, 2018): Maintaining the undercurrent from within: White settler teacher identities in Saskatchewan Schools.
  6. RAYMOND KARIKARI OWUSU (MEd, 2017). English-only language policy in a multilingual society: The case of two schools in Ghana.
  7. JENNIFER BURTON (MEd, 2016): South Korean university students’ perceptions of classroom communication in Canada
  8. RICARDO ARISNABARRETA (MEd, 2015): The hidden price: Lived experiences of ESL Latino students in a Canadian university
  9. TRUDY THORSON  (MEd, 2015): EAL and content teachers collaborating to support the academic success of English language learners in a Saskatchewan secondary school
  10. HONNI LIZEE (MEd, 2014): Is English really necessary in French immersion classrooms: A case study
  11. KATERINA NAKUTNYY (MEd, 2013): Sociocultural literacy practices of a Sudanese mother and son in Canada
  12. CINDY NELSON (MEd, 2013): A description of monolingual English teachers’ appreciations of student language repertoires in Hutterian colony schools
  13. NICOLE THEAKER (MEd, 2013): On being an ESL teacher in Saskatchewan: Exploring professional identity using metaphor analysis
  14. CYNTHIA PENNER (MEd, 2013): First languages and identity: multilingual learners in the multilingual learning context
  15. ANNA VON STADEN (MEd, 2012). The « un-frenching » of French-Canadians: Histoires des Fransaskoises en situation linguistique minoritaire
  16. D’ARCY BRISCHUK (MEd, 2012): L’emploi de la langue majoritaire par une enseignante en immersion française : Une autoethnographie.


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