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Refereed Publications

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Non-refereed publications

Sterzuk, A. (2022). Ukrainian language schools in Western Canada were shaped by shifting settler colonial policies. The Conversation Canada.

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Sterzuk, A.  (2006). Theories of learning.  A literature review for the Aboriginal Education Research Centre.  Unpublished manuscript for research assistance.  University of Saskatchewan.

Research Videos

Outreach & Media Relations

Interview with L’eau vive: Le journal fransaskois (February 2020)

Interview with Radio Canada, Point du Jour (January 2020_ Indigenous language revitalization

Invited Guest Discussant, Societal attitudes and non-English names (January 2019) Blue Sky, CBC Radio, Saskatchewan

Interview with Refined Regina, Congress 2018 (May 2018)

Interview with University of Regina External Relations, Congress 2018 (June 2018)

Interview with Leader Post (December 2017)

Invited Guest Discussant (March 2016), Refugee Students in SK Schools, Blue Sky, CBC Radio, Saskatchewan

Guest post, Belonging, Identity, Language Diversity Research Group

Interview with CBC News Saskatchewan (March 2014)

Guest post for the Strathy Language Unit (March 2012)